Kirk Kraft- Project Development and Construction
Kirk Kraft joined RPMA Wind in 2010. Kirk is involved with site development, development during construction and post construction activities of RPMA’s wind farm developments. Kirk is directly involved with working with landowners, neighbors, permitting agencies and the local community of each wind farm before, during and after construction of the wind farm.

Kirk Kraft first joined Midwest Renewable Energy (MREC) in 2006 after an 8 year stint as the Mayor of Clear Lake, Iowa. Kirk first met Steve Dryden during the construction of the Cerro Gordo County wind farm just South of Clear Lake and has been a strong proponent of wind resource development ever since. When MREC was sold to Iberdrola Renewables, Kirk stayed with the projects in order to see them through to completion. After successful completion and commercial operation of the Top of Iowa, Winnebago and Barton projects, Kirk returned to RPMA Wind.

Prior to his joining the wind development industry, Kirk worked in manufacturing facilities in Mason City, Iowa as director of product quality, time study and methods improvements, and safety director. Kirk also owned his own business for a time restoring antique furniture.

Kirk particularly enjoys meeting the landowners and explaining the benefits of participating in the wind projects to them. Being a country boy from Northern Illinois, Kirk understands the importance of the respecting the land and the landowner during development and construction of the Wind Farms. Kirk’s prime directive in wind development is “would I do this on my Grandpa’s farm?”.

When not making a living in the wind, Kirk likes to play in the wind, sailing at Clear Lake on a 28’ racing sail boat in the summer, and in winter skimming across the ice in small sail powered ice boats.

Kirk has an undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Western Illinois University, in Macomb, Illinois and has taught business and operations classes as an adjunct faculty for Buena Vista University. Kirk has one child and currently resides in Clear Lake, Iowa.