Company Profile

RPM Access LLC (RPMA) is a small regional developer of utility grade wind generation projects in the Midwest. Since July, 2000, the company has developed over 1,000 MW of operating wind generation projects in Iowa, amounting to approximately 18% of the total installed wind capacity in Iowa.

The company initiated its first set of wind projects in 2000.  Between 2001 and 2006, RPMA developed and sold approximately 364 MW of construction-ready wind projects to various owner-operators, including a consortium between Entergy and Shell Oil, Madison Gas and Electric and Iberdrola Renewables USA.  In 2009, the company initiated its second set of wind projects.  Between 2010 and 2013, RPMA developed and sold approximately 528 MW of construction-ready wind projects to MidAmerican Energy Company between and kept approximately 127 MW of construction-ready wind projects for itself. 

Currently RPMA is the owner and operator of the 41 MW Elk Wind Farm in Delaware County, 36 MW Hawkeye Wind Farm in Fayette County, and 50 MW Rippey Wind Farm in Greene County.  RPMA is currently building its last construction-ready wind farm of second set of wind farms, the 74 MW Marshall Wind Farm located in Marshall County, Kansas.  RPMA is planning to be the owner and operator of the Marshall Wind Farm with commercial operation date set for December 31, 2014.  

In 2014, RPMA will initiate its third set of energy projects.  RPMA's goal is to develop and build before 2020 approximately another 1,000 MW of energy projects consisting of various technologies including wind, solar, natural gas and energy storage, in various Midwest States.

The RPMA team consists of sixteen full-time seasoned power and finance professionals who each have their area of experience in the wind energy and other parts of the power industry. RPMA is headquartered in De Soto, Iowa with satellite offices in Chicago, Illinois and Jupiter, Florida. Iowa field and operations offices are located in the towns of Joice, Hawkeye, Rippey, Wellsburg and Beattie, Kansas.